Langham Research Centre is a group devoted to authentic performances of classic electronic music, and the creation of new music from their instrumentarium of vintage analogue devices.

The Quietus reviews Langham Research Centre’s Muffled Cyphers, which premiered recently at Only Connect Festival in Oslo:

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Wondering Sound review of Langham Research Centre’s new realisations of John Cage

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Extracts from debut performance of Freedom or Death - composed and performed by Langham Research Centre. Catherine Carter - soprano

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Asked to compose a new piece about the struggle for women’s suffrage, Langham Research Centre were inspired to write Freedom Or Death after the 1913 Emmeline Pankhurst speech of the same name, heavily featuring her words in the libretto.

The piece was written for tape machines, analogue synthesisers and the mezzo-soprano Catherine Carter. 

This is the final movement, heard here in its first live performance at Simulacra Studios in London. Photo by Olivia Milani.

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Thursday 25th April saw the Barbican Art Gallery host Langham Research and Ian Pace, for an evening of music by John Cage.

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Langham Research Centre recording Cartridge Music by John Cage. Filmed by Helen Petts.

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